Life after Corona Virus

Life after Corona Virus - I don’t think anything will be the same. What’s more is I think the virus was intentionally sent to us by nature.

For years we’ve been manipulating the environment and each other for a profit. The Corona virus has already highlighted how corrupt our social structure is. The purpose of the corona virus is so that things will never been the same again, because the way things were wasn’t sustainable. We were on a path of destruction.
People failed to live within their needs. Ego was more than that we could deal with. We built a social system that valued money and power over equality. We set a social hierarchy in order to gage winners from losers. Who was important and who was not. In that process, we valued hurting each other and the environment over human lives and happiness for others.

Nature sent us a virus to even the playing field, and to help us reflect on who we are as a human species. By sending us to our rooms, unable to go out to the world and continue to “play the game,” we’re being forced to stop our petty actions towards others for the sake of “getting ahead.” We’re all getting pretty tired of being cooped up at this point, but governments still aren’t sure if and when it will be safe for most of the general public to return back to work. In the meantime, people will likely reflect on their lives and the life they were living before the coronavirus.

Life after Corona Virus I think this is going to change the overall mentality people have toward what’s required to survive. Is it necessary to work 12 hour days? Why is it so difficult to cover our basic needs? What’s the use of running around all the time?
These are the hard questions that follow a crisis, but I think people will encounter them nonetheless. In the meantime, as time ticks away, we’ll likely emerge as a new humanity, because the virus has shown us that it’s not so necessary to live a life the way we used to. We’re getting pretty comfortable working from home.
What’s more is that we’ll be forced to change our behavior, otherwise nature might send us more blows until we get our act straight.

But how does nature know?
The natural system is integral. Everything is interconnected. Nature also achieves balance in everything that it does. The only exception is humanity, who hasn’t generally taken into account balance when it performs actions. In fact it ignores it. But man isn’t apart from nature. He is included in it. Therefore, when the general system aims to achieve balance, it takes actions that create that effect, i.e., a corona virus. The corona virus is felt as a blow to humanity, but to nature itself it is the greatest thing.

I hope we learn from this lesson, and when we return back to our daily lives, we take into greater account the general system, and more importantly, our attitudes toward other people.