Corona Virus Treatment

Till now we don't have a vaccine of Corona Virus that can cure almost all the patients in the world. A combination of Vaccine and anti-viral drugs may be the potential cure for Corona Virus. In India they have used HCQ(hydroxychloroquene) an anti-malarial drug & remedevisir which proved effective to treat the recovery of patients. It was also backed by US,Britain. India exported major chunk of it to hard hit countries.But US FDA backet out of using it has side effects.But still some countries use it. It is an age old drugs used in Asian countries so people in west may not be comfortable with it

Glenmarks have launched Fabiflu

India based Company Glenmark Pharmaceuticals have launched a antiviral drug - Favipiravir with brand 
name FabiFlu - for the treatment of mild  Corona Virus patients. The Company has become the 1st Indian  company to launch the antiviral drug. Indian drug regulator Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) gave the company approval for marketing and manufacturing.

A pack of tablets of FabiFlu has been priced at Rs 3,500 (Rs 103 per tablet). The dosage is 200 mg X 9 tablets on day one and 200 mg X 4 tablets a day for 14 days. However, it should only be taken after a 
doctor's prescription. A clinical trial was conducted by Glenmark among 90 mild and 60 moderate Corona Virus patients across 11 sites in India. The drug is claimed to have an efficacy of over 80% in the treatment of mild to moderate Corona Virus patients.

Delhi-based Brinton Pharmaceuticals, Bengaluru-based Strides Pharma, Mumbai-based Lasa 
Supergenerics and Hyderabad-based Optimus Pharma are some of the other Indian firms that have applied 
for approval and are readying for its launch in India.
The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the formulation for FabiFlu were developed by Glenmark through in-house research and development. The DCGI allowed fast track trials with Phase III in limited 
patients. The approval process is also under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA).

India has nearly 600 lac Corona virus patients 

with nearly 17,000 deaths and a fatality rate of 3.28%, as of 
now. On July 2, 19,516 new cases were reported in the country.
Approval comes at a time when cases in India are increasing very fast like never before and putting tremendous pressure on healthcare system. FabiFlu will reduce this pressure. Glenmark will work with the 
government and medical community to make it quickly accessible to patients across the country, Saldanha, Chairman and Managing Director, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.
The drug acts by getting into cells and inhibits the activity of viral replication to reduce the viral load. Early 
use of antiviral drugs can control a high rate of viral. However, if not controlled initially, viral replication slows down in later stages resulting in complications due to the body's violent immune response which may also result in organ failure, said the company sources.However, experts say that it is not a magic medicine but can help amid rising cases. It is not a magic bullet 
as it is not the only thing we have to give. This is not a specific drug made for Corona Virus and has been found to be useful, but how much it will be useful we will have to see. Real efficacy will be known when administered on a large scale, said Dr Vikas Maurya, Director, Department of Pulmonology and Sleep 
Disorders, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

He added, "The best thing is that it is an oral drug, while Ramdesiver is an intravenous drug. It (Favipiravir) 
can be even taken at home. So even if it is giving some benefit, it will be quite useful".
Two anti-viral drugs, Favipiravir (an approved drug for novel flu pandemics) with 
Umifenovir (an approved drug for Influenza) in Corona Virus patients is also being undertaken by Glenmark.
Favipiravir is already being used commercially in the therapeutic management of Corona Virus in Bangladesh and UAE. It is sold under the brand name Avigan by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical and is approved in Japan since 2014 in treating influenza. This is in the process of approval in Egypt and Jordan and in Russia, Japan and Saudi Arabia. About 18 global clinical trials in 3,000 subjects are going on including in India, USA, Canada, Italy, China, France, UK and other countries.In Japan, the drug has been approvedfor compassionate use on 2,050 Corona Virus patients. It's also approved for novel or re-emerging pandemic influenza virus infection in the country.

In India Ayurveda medicine "Coronil" is invented by Patanjali. Patanjali Coronil is made up of tulsi, giloy, ashwagandha, etc. These are no doubt immunity-boosting 
things. I guess it cannot totally fight back coronavirus because for coronavirus such type of vaccine is 
required which once taken will completely destroy the virus and the virus will never again come to that 
human body. This means we need a vaccine just like that of polio, chickenpox which once taken will just 
eradicate the disease permanently and it will not come back again. This is the only way so far to contain the 
spread of coronavirus. But still, I think something is better than nothing.

Baba Ramdev’s Coronil if makes a person’s immunity strong then also it is beneficial because the recovery rate will shoot up and the death rate will go down and then people will just consider coronavirus like simple flu. Also, if immunity is boosted well then maybe the virus will not survive in a body and will not show any 
symptoms. Let’s hope this Coronil works well because Ayurveda is capable of fighting so many deadly diseases. Let’s think positive about this vaccine. As per the claims by Patanjali, the recovery is 100% in just 7–8 days. I guess they will not make false claims in this pandemic as everyone is eagerly waiting for a miracle to happen.

In Short

There will be many drugs, but every one does not have the same immune system. It differs from place to 
place. The biological response of people belonging to different parts of the world ranging from west to 
middle east varies a lot. So the above drugs i mentioned cannot be helpful for all patients and it depends on 
the severity of the condition.
We need to increase our immune levels high so that they will have good response to the Vaccines or drugs 
developed in future.