How to fight coronavirus

Lockdown is going on and is about to end in many countries. It is not that the lock-down is ending because the corona is over. Rather it is because of economy of countries are getting completely spoiled.

People are becoming unemployed. There are a lot of loss in the business. People are getting sad and so worry , how will resume business or job , life as before. Lack of money, lack of order, lock of production are big trouble for them.

An amount of deduction from his/her salary for an employee is troubling him/her a lot. People have lost their job in this lock-down. People are mentally and physically broken from inside.
Now people don't want to sit at home. They want to get out from their house in order to earn. But an invisible enemy has stood outside , Corona Virus.

Don't forget to carry your weapons 
1. One Marks on your Face
2. One pair of hand Gloves in your hands
3. One small bottle of hand sanitizer

We are witnessing a war against a micro organism. It is become a threat for the lives of the most advanced species on this earth. We have to be aware and beware of it. We should not take it lightly. It is very important to take care of personal hygiene and personal protection before leaving the house.

    Wearing a mask is very important at this time. First of all, you should clean your hands with the soap and water and if you are out clean your hands with alcohol based hand rub. After wearing a mask, just avoid to touch it. If you do, by mistake, clean your hands. Make it sure your mouth and nose is covered properly, no gaps are there.

Corona Virus is everywhere (This thought will protect you) - Understand that if you are out of the house, then you too can get Corona Virus infected. You are not to believe any known person. It can also be corona virus infected, will keep distance from him.

This is the time, at that time , a little change will have to be in your day to day life. It will give you a great gift of life time. The thing to understand is that , this is a bad time going on. It will also go away. So be calm and patience, will give you a new energy for life ahead.

Wear Sun Glasses - It is often seen that people have a habit of putting their hand on their face. because of this habit, we can get into trouble.

 As we know, you should not even touch near your eyes because touching the eyes can also cause Corona Virus. We can avoid Corona Virus by wearing sunglasses.

Many times we accidentally touch around our eyes. If we wear sunglasses, we can avoid doing anything around our eyes . This will do two things, will be saved from sun rays and Corona Virus.