Corona Virus & Lockdown

Today is the time that nature is very happy. Trees, plants, birds, air, water, sky. Everything is clearly visible. We used to imagine the way of life. That change is happening in front of us today. we are the part of that history.

Air quality - whenever we used to hear that air quality is very bad today. We used to look on the app. or  website that
showed the air quality index. website like , , , etc. We used to find on the website or app that the situation is very bad today . At that time, it  used to be a thought that 
it may happen that this level may be reduced . So that time has come today. By visiting the same app or website you
 can see that the level has been reduced and you are living in a very fresh air.

River Quality - The Ganga is one India's holiest and also the most  polluted in all the rivers. The Government had prepared 5 year plan to clean Ganga between 2015 to 2020. Estimated amount of the plan was 20,000 Crore ( 303 Million USD ). Even after spending so much money. The Ganga could not be cleaned. But now we see that Ganga has become very clean due to lockdown in India.

Birds we have never seen before - Nowadays some species of bird are seen which we have never seen before. Whatever the reason is, whether it is noise pollution or air pollution. We have never seen them before. it seems as if we have entered in a new world of positive and happiness.

Gift to Mankind - No matter the child old or young, nobody has time to give it to anyone. Everybody wants to spend their time for themselves only. The man / Woman wants to spend his / her time just to increase his / her happiness. Nowadays IPHONE , LAPTOP only give pleasure to anyone. But the truth is that it is temporary joy. The true happiness of life is in living things not in non living things. Come closer to nature and feel real bliss. This is the time to take benefit of , when you can earn more health. health is wealth. BE POSITIVE