Covid 19 Vaccine

As the world is working to find the vaccine of COVID 19 vaccine. In some of the country like US, Germany, the United  Kingdom and China are claiming that they are very close to find it. On April 24, US President Donald Trump said that we are very close to Corona virus vaccine. Apart from all the news which we are get from the  globe. India is claiming that they found the temporary treatment
to help COVID 19 patient's recovery.


In the Plasma Therapy, Plasma ( A component of Blood) is taken from the donor who is fit and don't have any illness symptoms to treat critical covid 19 patients. Good thing about this is one donor's plasma can heal two patients. Indian council of Medical Research gave permission for plasma therapy to Delhi capital of India and Uttar Pradesh (a state in India).
A few days ago, Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain had reported that six critical corona virus patients had recovered after administration of the plasma therapy.
On April 26, it was reported that Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital, too, had identified Maharashtra’s first patient to be given the therapy. It could be the secret of low death rate of covid 19 patients in india.

No side effects : Actually this therapy is all about to boost one's immunity against the disease.


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